At the heart of Canape style bidding is the principle when planning to make a suit opening and a suit rebid of naming a good playable suit on the second round; this makes it easier for a moderate responder to pass on the second round, and means it is rarely necessary for them to give immediate preference merely for the sake of doing so.

This commonly, but not invariably, means that the second suit bid is longer than the first; for example with a 5 Hearts and 4 Spades, a moderate hand will open 1S planning to rebid 2H.

Strictly speaking, all that can be inferred is that in general the suit named on the first round is 4+ cards and that named on the second is 5+ cards.

2-suited hands are divided into strong and normal hands; in unusual circumstances 1-suited hands are also treated as strong (generally by responder).

Suit texture is very important in Blue Club, and should be considered carefully when evaluating hands and suits.

With a strong hand you would open a secondary suit, planning to reverse or jump into the main suit on the second round; with a normal hand you would bid the higher first, then the longer.

Canape is used for normal suit openings (1D-1S), and for suit responses to such openings; the pages below provide an overview of each.

Blue Club extends the general Canape style for responder by allowing a reverse by responder into opener's suit to be based on some suits that would normally be considered unbiddable; the notes below are of particular importance to choosing responder's bid and rebid.